As Nigeria joins the rest of the world today to commemorate this year’s World Intellectual Property Organisation, WIPO, the Nigerian Copyright Commission, NCC said it is committed to ensuring that the rights of Intellectual Property, IP, creator is adequately protected.
The commission however, urged that Nigeria should embrace all the benefits that the digital-technology brings to our life, stressing that we must be critical and mindful not to use the same to violate the rights of our teeming IP creators.
The NCC director general, Afam Ezekude, in a goodwill message to intellectual creators and innovators across the IP community, in Abuja yesterday, noted that in this era of WiFi, all forms of literary works, audio-visual and other forms of IP travel across borders with little or no regard for copyright, thereby affecting the way and manner in which consumable culture is created, distributed and appreciated.
Mr. Ezekude said, “This near-free access to cultural consumables also poses challenges to Enforcement Agencies like ours in discharging our mandate. The complexities of policing the cyber space further stresses the need to review our legislation and enforcement strategies to address digital piracy, strengthen existing collaborations with countries with which we have Treaty obligations, enlighten local and foreign stakeholders on the emerging trends in the IP sector.
“It also imposes a greater responsibility on the creators themselves. The sheer volume of digital traffic means the stakeholders have to partner with Agencies in protecting their works. They need to invest in cutting-edge technology that helps to protect their works in the digital environment.
“In the foreseeable future, the terrain of IP enforcement is likely to shift more and more from the terrestrial terrain to the virtual. Navigating this brave new world, will require all the resources available to Agencies and stakeholders to be channelled towards this fight.
On this year’s occasion of World IP Day, the NCC and its stakeholders celebrate Nigeria’s versatile creative community, whose Intellectual ingenuity has constantly kept Nigeria in the spotlight globally. We hail them for preserving our rich socio-cultural values and for their contribution to the economic advancement of our great nation.
“I here, do urge, that as we, as a country embrace all the benefits that the digital-technology brings to our life; we must be critical and mindful not to use the same to violate the rights of our teeming IP creators. It is our duty to not only appreciate their works, but also protect and encourage them by making sure that they are rewarded.
“To our esteemed Intellectual Property Community: authors, right owners and stakeholders, I say, bravo!!! Be rest assured that the Commission is committed to creating an enabling environment for the advancement of IP in Nigerian. We also enjoin our creative artistes to work with us in achieving this laudable goal.
WIPO since 2000, declared 26th April of every year as the World IP Day. To publicise Intellectual Property Rights (the ability of creators to control and benefit from the fruit of their intellectual endeavours); their creators, and challenges they face.
This year’s theme, “Digital Creativity: Culture Reimagined” seeks to examine the impact of techno-digital advancement to cultural evolution across borders.

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