AS Nigeria joins the rest of the world to mark World Population Day today, the Rivers State Deputy Governor, Dr. (Mrs) Ipalibo Harry Banigo, has identified lack of effective family planning by parents and child birth out of wedlock, as some of the causes of population explosion. In a statement through her Press Secretary, Paul Damgbor, Dr. Banigo called for a change of the ugly trend as
a means of checking further population explosion. The Deputy Governor noted that with the present state of the Nation’s economy, it is needful for parents to produce only the number of children they can adequately cater for in order not to expose them to inhuman treatment such as child labour, child abuse and child trafficking as well as other anti- social vices. With “Investing In The Teenage
Girls” as the theme of this year’s World Population Day celebration, Dr. Banigo said the challenges facing teenage Girls should be tackled with renewed zeal and vigour so that their rights can be protected. She expressed deep concern over the continuous rise in the Country’s population and emphasized the urgent need for Government at all levels to come up with measures that would address the situation squarely.

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