Controversial Senator Buruji Kashamu from Ogun State, yesterday, declared that he is not a wanted man in any country, as he has not committed any crime to warrant being labeled a fugitive.
Kashamu, who has been in and out of court several times to stop an alleged plot to extradite him abroad over alleged offences, declared that his trial in the United Kingdom was a case of mistaken identity.
The senator, who stated this against the backdrop of what he described as a campaign of calumny being waged against him by a member of the House of Representatives, Ladi Adebutu, over the latter’s 2019 governorship ambition, insisted that he has never lived in or visited the United States all his life.
“The reason for the latest onslaught is because Adebutu has declared his interest to be the governor of Ogun State in 2019 and he strangely believes that I am an obstacle to his gaining total control of the party structure that must be crushed.
“For the umpteenth time, I want to clearly state that I am not wanted anywhere. I have not committed any offence to warrant such. In life, events happen in ways that are beyond human comprehension. Such events will test our resolve to fight and overcome challenges. But, one thing that is certain is that the truth will always prevail.
“I have never lived in or visited the United States all my life. I was wrongly introduced into an indictment and was arrested and tried for it in the United Kingdom at the instance of the Government of the United States. After an extradition trial that lasted four years, the British judiciary–one of the best in the world–ruled in my favour twice and released me.
“The British court did not merely find that the evidence did not establish a prima facie case against me; the court positively found that it was another person (not me) that committed the offence and proceeded to describe the person in its judgment. That judgment was not and has not been appealed till date. That is clearly an obstacle to any further proceedings against me. In effect, the British court established that it was a case of mistaken identity.
“Having won the extradition proceedings twice in London, it ought not to be brought again. But when the plot to abduct me between May 23-28, 2015 failed, those behind the plot instigated the authorities to file a purported fresh extradition suit at the Federal High Court, Abuja.
“It is a matter of public record that the court in a judgment delivered on July 1, 2015 dismissed the suit. A similar case instituted in respect of the same matter was nullified, culminating in the dismissal of the purported extradition proceeding. It is elementary that once a suit is dismissed, it can no longer be filed again. How a so-called lawyer decided to seek to resurrect a dead case beats my imagination. Worse still, he chose to use a fake organisation that is not known to law.”
Kashamu, however said he would never run away from the law or due process, adding that, “I am a firm believer in the rule of law, equity and justice. Therefore, no amount of blackmail, intimidation and harassment would deter me. I shall continue to commit myself to championing the cause of the masses, impacting lives and empowering the people.
“I have never wished evil for any human being. I have never done anything bad to Adebutu or denied him whatever is due to him.”

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