North not Afraid of restructuring – Yakassai

Elder statesman and chairman of the Northern Elders Council, NEC, Alhaji Tanko Yakassai yesterday cautioned ministers who served under the Peoples Democratic Party, PDP, not to constitute themselves into obstacles in the party’s progress and zoning of the party’s national chairman to the North-East, saying until they were nominated, they were not card carrying members of the party.
Yakassai, who handed down the warning in an interview with Nigerian Pilot in Kano at the weekend, said former President Goodluck Jonathan had every credential to speak for the party.
He expressed dismay that some former ministers were not happy with Jonathan for supporting Ali Modu-Sherriff to chairthe party, saying it was wrong.
“I know that quite a number of ministers in the PDP were not card carrying members of the party until they were nominated and the cards were given to them in order to help them pass through the Senate screening.”
Yakassai said Jonathan is a leader of the party till tomorrow, having delivered his state and zone and “therefore, has every credential to speak on behalf of the party.
“I know they (ministers) are beneficiaries of the party; I don’t think they can constitute themselves into an obstacle in the course of the party; they have no right to do that.”
Yakassai further stressed that the only people competent to speak on behalf of the party were those people elected into offices of the party, especially the governors, senators, legislators and members of the national exco of the party, adding that “they are the ones recognise by the constitution of the party and bona fide leaders of the party.”
He further said the constitutionally recognised party leaders collectively supported the leadership of Modu-Sherriff as acting chairman of the party and collectively supported the zoning of the position of national chairman to the North-East.
Accordingly, he noted that the party has adopted the recommendation of the Ike Ekwueremadu committee to zone the presidency to the north.
“Anybody who is fighting to balkanise the party further now is not a party person,” he said.
“I’m not a member of the party but a strong supporter of it with the sole aim that PDP is the only political party not owned by any individual. I see it as a re-incarnation of NPN, a party that belonged to its members. No individual can lay claim to it,” he added.
He also noted that “people who don’t want Ali Modu-Sherriff are digging up to prevent him from even being a member of the party, which is wrong,” saying it is wrong for members or leaders to be against those who join the party first time.
He stressed that PDP had rules guiding the party about members who defected and returned back to the party.


  • Anny

    Strange! South West and South East are thus robbed of a major position in the party and all are given to North. Well done.

  • IykeNdigbo

    This Tanko Yakassai of a man is just a busy body. You are not a member of the party but a supporter of the party, but speaking for the party and supporting that the Presidential Slot and Chairmanship of the party should be zoned to the North? And Former Ministers of the party who are agitating that Modu Sherriff, Boko Haram helmsman should not be the party chairman are not members of the party but were giving the party card to overcome senate screening should not speak for the party against impunity? Its unfortunate!