Yobe State Auditor General for Local Governments, Alhaji Yahaya Idris has denied allegations of complicity of ghost workers in the local government.
Alhaji Idris told Nigerian Pilot in an interview in Damaturu that those cooking such stories are only out to destabilize the noble assignment of sanitizing the local government system that his office is mandated by Governor Ibrahim Gaidam to do.
He added that no matter the amount of campaign of calumny against him, he will never waver in his responsibility in purging out the guest workers and the decay in the local government system to come with the actual wage bill for the state.
Rumours have filtered the state that state local government Auditor general has put several ghost workers in the system, including one of his children that is alleged to have been working with both the state government and the local government in the state.
In his defense, the Auditor General challenged those peddling such spurious and baseless accusations to come out with their facts, adding that he would be the last person to be involved in such unwholesome practice and that he will fight to the last to see the end of ghost workers in the system.
His words; “This is the first time I am hearing this. When you are saddled with a responsibility like the exercise we are doing, there would be this kind of challenges. But it would be very difficult for anyone to come and say that my child is working in two places or I have ghost workers in the system. It is not possible because this is what I have never done and I will be the one to fight to the last if I discover something of that nature.
“I challenge any person that knows that this is the child of Yahaya Idris that is ghost worker or that is working in another organisation other than the local government to bring it up. I have only one child that is working in the local government, sorry, I have two. My first child is working with Fika Local Government and she is not a ghost worker.
Speaking on the ongoing verification exercise at the local government council, the Auditor General regretted that, despite non employment at the local government level in the state, their wage bills have continued to over blot which is why the government is concerned about getting the actual workforce in the system.

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