A former director of Door2Door Campaign to David Mark, James Oche has engaged his boss’ opponent, Dan Onjeh in a social media ‘war of words’.
James Oche led the official campaign team, Door2Door, during ex-senate president, David Mark’s March 28 election.
Oche attacked Onjeh on Facebook for coming out to tell the whole world how David Mark ex-senate president refused to testify from the witness box in court recently.
Onjeh had dragged Mark to court over the outcome of the March 28 National Assembly election on the ground that he was robbed.
According to D, David Mark, who is the only witness, refused to testify from the witness box at a recent hearing, a development, which sparked debate among political observers.
An obviously angry Oche took to Onjeh’s Facebook wall saying he thought he ( Onjeh) was educated about court or tribunal processes.
“I thought Daniel Onjeh is educated enough to understand the simple rudiments of court or tribunal processes. Sen. Mark need not appear in the witness box after his counsel has presented his case eloquently. You know between you and God that you did not come near Sen. Mark in that election. You’re just disillusioned.”
Onjeh, however, did not reply him. Instead, some social media users advised Onche to stop meddling into battles that does not concern him.
Asking the court to annul the National Assembly polls and order for fresh election, the petitioner, Dan Onjeh recently alleged that INEC personnel were compromised and the PDP agents at the different polling units in the district financially induced voters.

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