Nigerian Young Professionals Forum, NYPF, has urged youths to look beyond contemporary business challenges in Nigeria and strive to develop their entrepreneurial skills, so as to challenge their mates across the world.
The forum, which is a pool of Nigerian young professionals from across 15 countries of the world, acknowledged that the vehicle of technological revolution in the worldwas being driven by young people who had either looked away from infrastructural and financial challenges or capitalised on them to make the desired changes, thus launching themselves in the world view.
Addressing a gathering of chief executives at the 2015 CEOs conference in Abuja on Monday, chairman and founder of the forum, Mr. Moses Siasia disagreed with the general belief that infrastructural deficiency was the reason for the death of small and medium businesses in Nigeria, but lack of clear vision, as well as inadequate entrepreneurial culture, skills and patience to manage the small businesses into maturity.
He attributed the social vices among the youths to inability of successive Nigerian leaders to harness the abundant human resources among young Nigerian people.
He also encouraged federal government and private education managers to review their curricula with emphasis on entrepreneurship, in order to augment government efforts to provide a better living for the people.
According to him, less than five percent of youthful resources in Nigeria are utilised and this, he said, portends great danger to the economic growth of the nation.
“What we lack is entrepreneurial culture and it is impeding on our national development, and that is why we are here to dialogue and also network on how to move the country forward.
“We need a deliberate effort to use the energy of the youth to grow the economy of Nigeria and that we can only achieve by encouraging entrepreneurship. Incredible to know that we have not utilised up to five percent of youthful resource we have in Nigeria. We need to develop our youths and redirect their energy into productive ventures, and that is the essence of establishing NYPF in the past two years.”
He said that the theme of the 2015 conference, ‘Promoting Entrepreneurship and Innovation in Building Economic Leaders for Tomorrow,’ was carefully chosen to consolidate on the achievements made from last year’s conference.
Mr. Siasia expressed hope that President Muhammadu Buhari would consolidate on the achievements of the previous government, especially in paying special attention to young people, particularly in promoting entrepreneurship and creating jobs that engender development.
He asserted that no nation had succeeded without putting the young people first on the list of their priorities.
Meanwhile, a keynote speaker at the conference, Professor Famous Izedonmi expressed satisfaction with the level of sophistication in the inventions that had positively given meaning to life across the world.
In the case of Nigeria, he listed lack of power, access to credits, tax incentives, multiple taxation, lack of mentorship as some of the major challenges militating against the growth of young entrepreneurs, thus demanding that government develop policies to permanently tackle some of these challenges.
An enterprenuer and participant, Prince Joshua Oyeniyi tasked youths to pursue their visions vigorously and shun distractions of any kind in order to achieve success.

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