Nigeria Football Federation, NFF out of favour Director of Marketing, Idris Adama has described the leadership of the football federation as cowards following the way and manner they advertised his position three weeks ago without first removing him from office as required by law.
Adama said he has no regrets leaving the federation after a decade of service during which he raised the bar in terms of sponsorship drive for the federation which runs into several billions of naira.
The football federation, three weeks ago surreptitiously placed advert in one obscure Abuja- based newspaper announcing vacancies for three positions in NFF; marketing, competition department and finance.
Adama said that the federation ought to have sacked him first before the commencing process for his replacement.
“It started as a rumour that they have advertised my seat about two or three weeks ago and I drew the attention of relevant authorities but none of them could give me concrete response or confirm that they have advertised my seat. And I see that as cowardice. Even if nobody wants to see my face again, I think the proper procedure is to be followed. If somebody is after my seat, there is a way to get it done, it is employer-employee relationship and there is procedure.”
Adama said when he came in on contract, some years ago, terms and conditions were spelt out for his office adding, however, that some persons on the board have mounted pressure on NFF President Amaju Pinnick to kick him out.
He maintained that they approach to use an obscure newspaper to invite application for a position as critical as the one he is presently occupying is suspicious and supports grapevine information that particular candidates, indeed relatives of ‘Nigeria football cabal ‘ have already been picked to fill the three offices.
“I don’t think advertising my seat is some sort big issue but it shouldn’t be done in secrecy, it should be done in popular newspapers so that many Nigerians can see it and apply. Its not about me, it is about the system, a culture of transparency and we will support.”
Adama who ruled out re-applying for the job said he cannot apply for a job he has held for a decade.

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