Angry youths, Sunday morning, disrupted worship service at the Assemblies of God Church, Airport road branch, Benin City, in protest against the Assistant Pastor, Mr. Daniel Izibili, whom they accused of abandoning his sick wife while abducting their twin children.
It was a mild drama as worshipers were for over 30 minutes thrown into confusion when the youth ‎demanding explanations from Pastor Izibili as to why he decided to drop his wife who has been sick of an unknown skin infection in her father’s residence when no one was home, seized him and almost tore his suit to shreds.
It was gathered that trouble started when shortly after she ‎gave birth to a set of twin babies, Mrs. Victory Izibili, a registered nurse, took ill and was initially diagnosed of having river blindness, which manifested as unusual changes in her skin pigmentation.
Family sources said when Pastor Izibili was initially confronted to seek advanced medical advice on his wife’s health, which soon degenerated into boils all over her body leading to the loss of hair on her head and boils all over her person, he refused and claimed it was a spiritual problem.
The youths said they had it on good authority that the sickness was orchestrated and designed to kill the Pastor’s wife so he could marry his girlfriend, who is lurking around him.
It was also confirmed that Pastor Izibili claimed that he has run out of cash trying to treat his wife whose health condition has gone from bad to worse in three and a half years, to the extent that the woman is now covered all over her person with boils.
Church officials who earlier kept sealed lips over the incident ‎later told reporters that the youths were instigated by a female relative of the pastor’s wife, who has been accusing him of inflicting his wife with the undiagnosed skin infection.
The pastor who spoke for the church ‎in anonymity said the youths ostensibly came with the Pastor’s sister in-law and a policeman to effect the arrest of Pastor Izibili over the allegation that he abandoned his sick wife and refused all pleas to take her for spiritual treatment outside his church.
When contacted, Pastor Izibili who had earlier said on phone that he had nothing to say on the matter, admitted that what happened “is a family matter”, querying, “How can I abandon my wife? You saw us here yesterday; she came to the church. My suit was torn, buttons and shirt are gone.”

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