The proclivity of many Nigerians for parties of different shapes, types and sizes is legendary. After all, globally, Nigerians are seen and described as the happiest people on earth. There is just no holding down the Nigerian spirit, especially in the yuletide season.
Perhaps, this is the period of the year when most Nigerians reach out to their beloved family members, including the extended ones for one news, information, gift and interaction or the other. Families also seize the opportunity of the yuletide season to organise all forms of reunions, marriage ceremonies, house warming parties, funeral events and age grade activities as the case may be. There are also several other reasons that cause Nigerians to celebrate the season in very unique manner. Thus many traverse the vast length and breadth of the country to relate with loved ones on account of the foregoing.
No doubt, we identify with this special way fellow Nigerians enjoy the yuletide season. As members of the society, we must underscore the fact that put together, it is part of the vast and acknowledged way of life of our society where we show love to our extended family members just as we do to the immediate ones.
However, we hasten to note that in the midst of all the celebrations and back-slapping that will go with this year’s yuletide activities, we must not be blind to the fact of insecurity issues in the land today. It is convenient for some to argue that insurgency activities are mostly recorded in the north of Nigeria and as such there should be no cause for alarm since yuletide activities in the main, is for Christians whose abode are largely in the south of the country.
On the foregoing note therefore, we must recall that incidents of kidnapping, armed robbery, arson, communal clashes as well as cult wars that are prevalent more in the south of Nigeria than the north, constitute threats to the peaceful celebration of the yuletide in the south of the country, just as insurgency activities give everyone cause to worry about life in parts of the north of the country.
Against the foregoing backdrop, we call on all relevant agencies of government to step up their respective anti-crime campaigns towards sensitizing Nigerians on the various precautions they need to take before, during and after traveling to their various destinations for yuletide celebration. Also, surveillances of all descriptions must be employed by security agencies to forestall perpetration of crimes including those already mentioned. Organs of government responsible for sensitisation and mobilisation like the National Orientation Agency, among others must step up their operations this yuletide. Same goes for the relevant intelligence-gathering units of the agencies. Their respective personnel must be appropriately mobilised to carry out needed pre-emptive and proactive intelligence work to stall the commitment of crimes this season.
As for officials of the Federal Road Safety Commission, their brief this season must go beyond the “seat belt” culture they have been trying to build in the consciousness of motorists all through the year. Preventing and checking vehicle-related crimes should top their brief this season.

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