As the Yuletide approaches, dealers in second-hand clothes are blaming the economic recession in the country for low patronage, the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) reports.
Some of the dealers told NAN in separate interviews that the economic situation was taking a toll on their businesses.
Dealers in second-hand clothing Miss Adaeze Nwogo, who deals in used clothes, bags and shoes at the Yaba Market, said that paucity of funds brought about the low patronage.
“The economic recession is hitting people hard and number of people buying clothes for their children is reducing daily.
“People are not coming in as before to buy second hand clothes. They are what poor people usually buy to cover their bodies at cheap rates,” she said.
Mrs Grace Iloegbunam, a dealer at the Mushin-Olosha Market, told NAN that the price of second hand clothes had been affected by the high foreign exchange rate.
“We buy bales of clothes at very high rates, if you want good clothes the bale is from N70, 000 and above.
“Before now N30, 000 can get you anything that you can sell and make your money even though they mixed them with all sorts of items.
“We have various grades of clothes in bales, so you can go for anyone you can afford,” he said.
Mrs Chinyere Nwosu, a dealer in children’s clothes at the Katangwa Market in Lagos, told NAN that people were now more concerned with feeding their families than going for Christmas clothes.
“Normally, at this time of the year we would have made some good sales unlike today where people just come in to check the prices.
“The situation in the country is biting everyone,” she said.
Miss Nneka Maduemezia, a dealer in Port Harcourt, told NAN that the decline in patronage had not prevented her from going about her business.
“I go to Benin Republic sometimes to buy the stuff I need, especially when I can’t find what I want in Lagos. “In addition foreign exchange has not made it easy.
“Although, many people are complaining about money, but they still come for them,” she said. Miss Uju Oyinyechi, a civil servant in Lagos, told NAN that she preferred buying second hand clothes because of their durability.
“I go for second hand clothes because they last.
“They are of good quality and you can hardly see many duplicates elsewhere, but the new ones are mass produced like school uniforms.
“Second hand clothes are still affordable depending on your pocket, especially for children. “Even second hand bags, shoes are of high quality than the brand new clothes, shoes and bags.
“I also buy bra and panties and wash them very well before I use them because they last longer,” she said.
NAN reports that second hand clothing are “fairly used clothes” that are usually given out to charities and collection centres abroad. (NAN)

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