Come September 27, all roads will lead to Ladi Kwali Hall, Sheraton Hotel, Abuja as one of Nigeria’s finest rock artiste, Zainab Sule will be hosting a rock show tagged, ‘Midnight” featuring cool rock acts from Lagos.
In a chat with Nigerian Pilot, Zainab said the show is going to be one of its kind as rock music is a genre that is rarely played in the Nigeria music scene.
On why she decided to go into rock music, Zainab explained that soft rock music is medicine for the soul and she has been nursing the desire to do rock from time immemorial.
“Soft-Rock is medicine for the soul. It is a substance believed to cure all ills. It is known and in days of old for its magic and rarity. Music heals, music soothes, It sinks deep. That is what I had in mind when I was working on my songs.I grew up listening to Don Williams and other country gurus before evolving to soft rock, so it was not too much of a surprise to me when I found myself writing songs under the particular genre. Minus the above, i have a special kind of love for music. Music is life, it is food for the soul. I get inspiration from things that surround me. It is in the break-ups, the love stories, the weddings, the heart breaks. I see something that stirs my emotions, I pick up my guitar and I write. Sometimes it takes days, sometimes hours, sometimes years.”
Zainab assures fans that the show which has become an annual event will be better than what it was last year with very interesting performances.
“Last year, I thrilled fans in the Federal Capital Territory, Abuja while on a musical tour. The tour which spanned the length and breadth of Abuja is was follow up of my album launch. Basically, that show was meant to promote my newest album Elixir and get people used to the kind of Music I do.”
On what fans should be expecting from her stage performance, she said, “I love rocking the stage. In fact when I am on stage I feel exotic that is why my performances usually generates quite a stir as I do my best to give my fans the satisfaction they need. When my fans are happy, it makes me happy too because without them I am nothing. When I am on stage all I want to do is leave my fans gyrating and screaming for more. I am just going to do my music and be the best of what I was meant to be.”
Board urges film makers to comply with censorship rules
Film and Video Censors Board, has urged Nigerian film makers to comply with censorship rules.
According to the spokesman, Mr. Razak Balogun, said in Lagos that some filmmakers have continued to flout laid down rules with impunity.
“Many foreign and local films and video works are released into the market without passing through the board for censorship and classification.’’
Balogun said that the legally restrictive classifications were not being adhered to, adding that it was common to see those below 18 years of age watching movies meant for 18 years and above.
He added that the organisation’s officers were being blackmailed, and some have received several threats to their lives by some film makers, who try to force them to bend the rules.
“In most cases, family members are called on phone to talk to officers to soften their stance,’’ he said.
The spokesman said that the board was faced with enormous challenges, including poor funding, sabotage and multiple film release.
Balogun called for a synergy between the board and the law enforcement agencies, to compel players in the industry to comply with the censorship rules.
He stressed the need for actors and filmmakers to be given orientation on preservation and promotion of national values through film making.
He urged filmmakers to appreciate the fact that money should not be the central focal point when producing films but what the society would gain from such films.
“One man cannot be a producer, a director and a marketer.We need a better synergy of professionals to be able to create films that can make a global impact and enable Nigerian artistes to compete with their foreign counterparts,’’ he added.

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